2012 Unilever Future Leaders Program – Deadline 10 Apr 2012


   *The Application form

The first thing you must do is complete the application form, which allows you to present a complete picture of your talents, interests and ambitions.
Take your time and make sure you answer all of the questions carefully.

Submit application form as soon as you’ve completed it as usually there will be high volume of application submission towards the deadline, which might hinders your upload.

Closing deadline for application: April 10th, 2012

A special note for 2012 UFLP selection: We will invite those applicants who successfully passed application screening to Unilever Business Day, where they will have unique experience to interact and ‘conversate’ with Unilever Business Leaders, go through a business challenge to get a real taste of the functions they’ve opted for and get better advice on how to prepare for the next steps of selections process.

      *The online tests

The second stage of the recruitment process is to complete our online tests, which consist of a logical reasoning and numerical reasoning test. You can try out some sample tests at http://www.psl.co.uk/practice

       *Initial Interview

The next stage of the recruitment process is an initial interview. We will be asking questions to understand you motivation and fit for UFLP, and the function you’ve applied for.

      *Assessment centre

This is the final stage of the recruitment process, to be held in Ho Chi Minh city. This a whole day of assessment, which consists of a variety of exercises:

Case study
Group exercise
Presentation exercise
In-depth interview

These exercises are designed around a business case study, enabling us to assess your potential, while giving you an insight into what it’s like to work in Unilever.

We will let you know the outcome of the Assessment Centre within a week, and will give you feedback on your performance.

The selection will end in the 2nd week of June, 2012 at the latest. The induction program of UFLP 2012 will start in 1st week of August, 2012.

For those who are not able to work starting from August 2012, we are flexible to consider other joining date, no later than January 3rd, 2013 to accommodate your study plan.

If you have any queries about application and selection process,  contact us on 08-54135686 (ext. 2105) or email uflp.vn@unilever.com.


Who can apply

  • Vietnamese nationality
  • Graduate (Bachelor or MBA) with less than 1 year experience
  • GPA 7/10 or equivalent
  • Good analytical and conceptual power
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, strong teamwork
  • Track records in leadership positions in student organizations or extra curriculum activities
  • Highly interested in Fast Moving Consumer Good Industry
  • Passionate, fast learners with great Can Do Attitude

How to apply

*Note: If you submit to our 2012 UFLP successfully, an Auto Reply Message will be sent to you to confirm. If you don’t receive this Auto Reply Message, please register one more time.

Source: http://www.unilever.com.vn/careers/unileverfutureleadersprogram/

6 thoughts on “2012 Unilever Future Leaders Program – Deadline 10 Apr 2012

  1. bạn ơi, vào đến vòng 3 thì lại phải thi trong TP HCM nhỉ ? híc mình ở Hà Nội :(

    • Thường thì các công ty sẽ đài thọ chi phí mà bạn, vào được đến vòng cuối rồi thì cũng ko còn nhiều mà :D.

  2. “We would like to acknowledge the receipt of your application for Unilever Future Leaders Program (UFLP) 2011 and thank you for writing to Unilever Vietnam.

    Please be kindly informed that your application will be screened carefully under our UFLP benchmark. The result will be shared to you via email within 2 weeks after our closing date on 31st March 2011.”

    Do la noi dung mail confirm khi minh da dang ki thanh cong. Phai chang Unilever chua cap nhat he thong tra loi tu dong, hay la minh dang ki chua thanh cong? Mong ban tra loi giup minh.

    Xin cam on.

    • Hi bạn, câu trả lời của các chị HR U mới là chính xác tuyệt đối được, mình chỉ đoán thôi nhé : ). Theo mình thì cái đó là mail conìfirm nhận được rồi đó. Mình chưa thử submit nên cũng ko biết mặt mũi cái mail đó như thế nào. Chúc bạn may mắn ^^.

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